Turkey : Turkey’s Hagia Sophia was the most visited new

Governorship of Istanbul attracted great attention by local and foreign tourists; in terms of the structure of the world’s leading art history and architecture of the Hagia Sophia Museum such by hosting 3.7 million visitors in 2019 announced that it is Turkey’s most visited museum.


According to the information shared on the governor’s website, Hagia Sophia Museum Director Hayrullah Cengiz, who spoke about the subject, used the following statements;

* Hagia Sophia Museum, the most visited museum in Turkey, one of the two areas. When we look at the numbers, from time to time, we see that the Topkapi Palace is at the top of the Hagia Sophia Museum from time to time.

* Our number of visitors from 2012 to 2015 is approximately 3 and a half million on average. We had a record visitor in 2015.

* In 2019, we broke a new record by hosting 3.7 million visitors.

Investigation against Belgian Marisa Papen posing naked in Hagia SophiaInvestigation against Belgian Marisa Papen posing naked in Hagia Sophia