Turkey : Turkish drivers are stranded on the Iranian border!

Turkish truckers were stranded at the border after Turkmenistan closed the Lütfabad Border Gate. Nearly a thousand drivers waiting in a park close to the border called out to the authorities. The workers, who stated that they were afraid of getting sick, said that their food and drinks decreased and they could not buy food because there were Chinese products in the market. The drivers who reached the spokesperson Whatsapp Notification Line stated that they could not find a mask and that they lived with fear of death at any moment.


The drivers, saying that they have been kept at the Turkmenistan-Iran border gate for 5-6 days, said, “We are 1000 meters from the border. We expect nearly a thousand vehicles. Due to the virus, Turkmenistan closed the border. Why don’t they take us? If they have this disease, are they expecting so many drivers to get sick? Either take us back or let the Turkmen officials let us in. ”



Another driver we spoke with said, “Our vehicles are generally loaded with food and our diesels are about to end. Our food in our cars is about to run out. Due to the fear of illness, we can not shop from the market. We also have a family. We have a child. We expect help from our state, “he said.


Stating that they talked to the consulate but could not get clear information, the drivers said, “There is no contact with us, we are victimized. We trust in Turkey and we want to support. We cannot find a mask. Our food has decreased. You are very miserable now. Our companies are not guilty. We cannot buy food because the products in the market are made in China. We are trying to live imece in order to run out of our water ”.

Corona appeared in the Deputy Minister of Health in IranCorona appeared in the Deputy Minister of Health in Iran