Turkey : TÜRSAB President: The tourism sector is suffering great injuries in the difficult process!

Turkey Travel Agents Association (TÜRSAB) President Firuz Bağlıka to, compensate for their particular travel agency in a message issued to the members via social media is faced with impossible loss, noting that there are a number of demands to overcome this process.


In the message he published to the affiliate, he used the following statements:

* We all go through the days when we don’t want to live once again.

* With the effective measures taken, I hope that no casualties will occur in our country.

* What has been done so far shows that the losses of the tourism community have already reached great levels.

* Especially at the point where we have been traveling with a nail agency for years, we are faced with irreparable losses.


In the continuation of his statement, he said:

* From the first day of the crisis, we are telling our officials our situation.

* Among the requests we send to the relevant and competent authorities for their reasons, there are very important issues from credit support to tax and SSK incentives.

* We had requests such as the exemption of travel agencies from 2020 dues that could be put into effect by our Ministry, and not opening their offices and working from home during this period.

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