Turkey : Warning from the Ministry of Health against messages circulating on WhatsApp!

Minister Koca explained that the Ministry of Health has planned the Corona virus risk screening, not by the door, by planning.

Koca made a statement from his Twitter account and said the following:

* The Ministry of Health conducts the coronavirus risk screening by planning, not through the door.

* We call and inform you from 184, and then we come.

* From SABİM-184 to you IF THE PHONE IS NOT COMINGDo not let in those who say they came for testing purposes.



The message shared and denied on WhatsApp is as follows:

* 10 minutes ago the door knocked and when I asked who you are, they said they came from the Ministry of Health to scan.

* What did I say scan and they said for Corona.

* I said I don’t want it either. I closed the door.

* Then I called the Ministry of Health (184 SABIM) and asked if there are such services.

* They received my phone number and said they would return from the ministry.

* They made a comeback and said they had received over 100 reports since the morning and robbed the houses of the thieves by spraying the house and said the person concerned.

* Let’s be careful, please.

Message shared on WhatsApp.


The Ministry of Health warned those who want to fraud on Twitter under the pretext of virus.

In the statement of the Ministry, it was said:

* Those who distribute masks, hand antiseptics, gowns or protective glasses, claiming to be from the Ministry of Health; Those who want to demonstrate the use of masks, antiseptics, gowns or protective glasses as practical; Those who declare that they will inform about coronavirus or will perform coronavirus screening at home; Those who say they will disinfect the house against coronavirus do not take it into your home.

* For those who want your information in order to send protective materials from the Coronavirus by saying that they are calling from the Ministry of Health, to inform about distance education, to determine whether there are COVID-19 patients at home. do not give your name and address.

* Follow up-to-date and reliable information about the new Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) from the Ministry of Health websites and social media accounts.


The General Directorate of Security (EGM) also warned against fraudsters. In the statement of EGM, it was stated that the risk screening of Corona virus occurred after Alo 184 search.

“We expect our citizens to be sensitive to people who are prone to theft, fraud and other crimes, and that our citizens who are faced with such issues will notify 112-155-156 of the law enforcement agencies,” the EGM statement said.


Gaziantep Governorate said that they were coming to scan by the Ministry of Health, using the Corona virus as an excuse, and reported that they were reported to have attempted theft by entering the houses.

In the statement made by the governorship, it was said:

* Various reports have been received regarding the presence of people who have attempted theft by saying that they have come to screen by the Ministry of Health by using the COVID-19 outbreak (Coronavirus) as an excuse.

* Our Ministry of Health does not have such an application, and our citizens should be aware of such fraud and theft attempts and report to our police forces when they encounter such attempts.

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