Turkey : What is Favipiravir? Description of Corona virus medicine from China…

Zhang Xinmin, head of the China National Biotechnology Development Center, said the drug Favipiravir is seriously effective on the corona virus. With the announcement that the drug named “Favipiravir” reduced the recovery time from 11 days to 4 days for mild and regular cases, the drug was on the world agenda.


Favipiravir, a drug developed by the Japanese, has been on sale in Japan and some countries since 2014. It has been claimed by the Chinese authorities that Favipiravir, which combats viruses, does not show any adverse effects and is useful in the treatment of corona virus.


The Chinese Embassy in Ankara also shared Favipiravir;

“The drug called ip Favipiravir has been proven to reduce the healing process of KOVID-19 from 11 days to 4 days! The head of the Chinese National Biotechnology Center, Zhang Xinmin, told the effectiveness of the drug that has been available in Japanese pharmacies since 2014, ”the Tweet was used by the embassy.