Turkey : What is Green Crescent Week? Green Crescent Week Poems…

The Green Crescent Week has begun. During the Green Crescent week, as in the past, in order to get rid of bad habits such as drinks and cigarettes with activities organized for 1 week, awareness raising activities are carried out in the society by explaining the harms. For students who are looking for poems for the Green Crescent week, there are 2 continents and 4 continents Yeşilay poems in our news.


Green Crescent Week; Since Yeşilay was established on March 5, 1920, the first week of March is the week celebrated on March 1-7. The damages of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs to society, family and individuals are explained in Green Crescent Week. In this way, the society tries to raise awareness on this issue.


”Drink kills,

Gambling Extinguishes,

”He turns his house to Heaven like Heaven.

How about smoking? ”He takes his money,

Wind up your smoke, ”pollutes the environment

It remains poison drinker.

Let’s not approach them.

Let’s stay away.

Money, time, our strength

Let’s spend it on good things.



You protect people from the smoke of cigarettes, the harm of drinks, numbing poisons, people.

You will protect people from the accident of drunks reaching death, causing disability.

Let the flags of Yeşilay wave on your costume.


Harm to Health

Smoking, drinking and gambling, all harm to health.

Heroin, cocaine, marijuana, It washes your youth all. Think about your family, yourself; Is man born twice?



A clean green crescent, as if a new born was born, as if it were placed on a white flag.It is the homeland of the flag, the heart of the believers, under the Green Crescent. All of them are fused.

I. Hakkı TALAS


The ceilings are yellowish, invisible, who does not appear. The detainees would seek to get rid of. If you listen to Green Crescent.

Did you leave home bread money? Will it ever be the wound of this home? The drunks are the disgrace of the society.

Drink causes many disasters. Thousands of troubles cause not one. Thesis escapes from this poison that is clever. If you listen to Yeşilay.


Drink, passion for gambling ruins PeopleYeshilay fights against it constantly.

He is a volunteer guard. Human values. His happiness, Happiness of individuals

We have to help, We have this social institution


It came again, see Green Crescent Week, while the face of the drink enemies laughed, this sherbet was filled with blood as it fell and emptied.

Drink milk, buttermilk instead of drink, eat plenty of grapes, apples, pears, these should be known as a source of health

Liquor washes the foundation of the houses, makes people enemies to each other


Don’t get caught up in curved roads,

Search for good, beautiful in your life

First to your health, then to the cut

At the beginning of each step, trip.

Certainly harmful cigarette, drink

Finally, those who drink regret maybe

Arises from all kinds of disasters

Is there such an enemy as big?

I am the Green Crescent my right to brag

My mind stands still in my head



Mazhar Osman, who founded the Yesilay Association, was one of the enemies.

Poison kills quickly, Drinks are slowly. Some kills poison, Some overlook age. One drink on the table.

M.Necati ÖNGAY