Turkey : What to do when you come home from outside?

– When you return home, washing your hands and face with soap and water will reduce the risk of infection. It is important to take a shower if possible, to protect the health of you and your household.

– No need to wipe with disinfectant after bringing packaged products from outside and markets home. It can be cleaned with water and soap and placed in cabinets after drying. However, after coming from the outside, the hands must be washed first, then the products you buy must be cleaned and then the hands must be washed again.

Professor Dr. Aynur Eren Topkaya


– As a precaution for the possibility of corona virus contaminating your clothes while you are outside the house on the street, it is sufficient to ventilate your outer clothes with a hanger in the outer environment, and wash the washable ones with laundry detergent at 60 degrees.

– Before putting your shoes on the shoes next to other shoes, it is sufficient to wear gloves and wipe them with a damp cloth with detergent.

– Always wipe your cell phones at least twice a day (3-4 hours apart) with a colony.

General measures you should take against the corona virus are as follows:

– Take care of your hand hygiene, wash with soap and water frequently. If you touched various places outside with your hand, do not apply your hands to your mouth, nose, or eyes. Remember, the transmission of the virus from dirty surfaces is possible only by infecting the virus into your mouth, nose and eyes. For this reason, the virus cannot make you sick unless you put your hands in your mouth and nose even if you are infected on your head while you are on the street.


– Rub your hands occasionally with hand sanitizer or cologne while you are out.

– Stay away from crowded places as much as possible.

– Do not travel by public transport unless it is mandatory.

– Do not go to places such as AVM, cinema. Do not attend social gatherings. Keep distance in your social relationships.

– When coughing and sneezing, pay attention to hygiene rules against the possibility of transmitting to other people.

– Cough on disposable tissue paper or napkins and throw them into trash cans.

– Do not go to hospitals for your mild diseases that are not urgent.

– Symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, headache are suspicious even for this disease, but do not go to hospitals for your mild complaints, avoid yourself from close contact with the household in your home and separate yourself from your personal belongings (toothbrush, plate, spoon, towel, etc.) and follow yourself at home.