Turkey : Where is Italy? Italy’s population and distance to Turkey …

The Republic of Italy is a Mediterranean country that is largely on the Italian Peninsula in Southern Europe. Corona virus which affected most of the countries where the population is about the distance from Italy and Turkey. Here are the details about Italy…


There are 2491 Km distance between Italy and Turkey. A vehicle that wants to go to Italy by road can reach Italy without stopping in 1 day and 8 hours.


At the end of 2008, the total population of Italy exceeded 60 million. In the light of these numbers, Italy is the fourth most populous country in the European Union after Germany, France and the United Kingdom and twenty-third in the world. The number of people per square kilometer in Italy is 199.2 and this density makes Italy the fifth most densely populated country in the European Union. The country’s most densely populated region is Northern Italy, and this area, which makes up about a third of the country’s area, contains almost half of the country’s total population.

After the Second World War, Italy entered a period of long-term economic rise and during this period, there was an explosion of immigration from the rural areas of the country to the big cities. In addition, the country has ceased to be a country that lost population with immigration and has become an immigrant. This economic vitality and breakthrough process continued until the 1970s. However, Italy has experienced a noticeable increase in new birth rates in the 2000s, thanks to Italy’s intense foreign migration over the past two decades. This increase is observed especially in the populations of the northern regions, which have been at low rates for a long time.

The number of children per woman has also increased with the children brought by the immigrant mothers and Italian women from the world. While the number of children per woman was 1.32 in 2005, this number increased to 1.41 in 2008.