Turkey : WHO has made history for the corona vaccine!

“A vaccine for the Corona virus is a minimum of 12-18 months away,” said Ghebreyesus. During this time, we also accept an urgent need for therapeutics (therapeutic drugs) to treat patients and save lives. ”

Reminding that half a million Covid-19 cases were detected worldwide and more than 20 thousand people died, Ghebreyesus said, “These are tragic numbers. But let’s remember that hundreds of thousands of people also survive worldwide. ” used the expression.

Ghebreyesus emphasized that “chronic global distress” especially regarding personal protective equipment used by healthcare workers is “the biggest threat for joint efforts to save lives”.

Ghebreyesus stated that they sent about 2 million individual protective equipment to 74 countries that need it most, and that they are preparing to send similar amount of equipment to 60 countries.

Ghebreyesus said, “More is needed. This problem can only be solved through international cooperation and solidarity. ” He spoke in the form.

Calling the world states to use all available resources to stop Covid-19, Ghebreyesus underlined that the virus is the common enemy of all humanity.

Ghebreyesus said, “Unite to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. No country can fight alone, we can only fight together. ”