Turkey : Who is the philosopher Atakan? Is Atakan a “crystal child”?

Attracting the attention of social media, Atakan Kayalar has become the researched name of the last days. Atakan Kayalar, a fifth grade student, drew attention with his books and speech style. Atakan Kayalar, “My name is Atakan. This much. I don’t have a life story to tell too much. I wouldn’t say I am a metaphor expert, neither would I say a neurosurgeon, nor would I say I am president. I think you are interested in philosophy. We were talking about education and individual rights. Fethi Çağıl said something at that moment. I do not remember exactly. If we look at the books I read. I have read the entire Kayı series. I read the speech. I read Homer Iliad. This is how I read Zoroastrian, “he said. There have been rumors about Atakan that he could be a crystal child.


It is Steve Rother who first described the crystal children. Crystal children are peaceful beings who pursue the balance between true and intuitive and illogical. Unlike indigo children who focus on humanity to find goodness among changing conditions, crystal children have a healing mission.
Crystal children are very beautiful children with pure and bright aura and have large expressive eyes. They have two distinct behaviors: people often have strong abilities that they think are magic and are extremely sensitive to low-vibrational energy. These theories have no scientific evidence. In fact, experts say that any child can have such features and behavior at any time and place.