Turkey : 17-year-old Syrian gave birth in the field! Baby died

8 months pregnant I.E.E., who lives in Karaçulha neighborhood, was suddenly painful at 14.00.

He lived together with Ç.İ. The pains of İ.E.E., which was taken into the car by, increased before reaching the hospital.

İ.E.E., who got off the car 300 meters before a private hospital in Menteşeoğlu Mahallesi. gave birth in the roadside field.

The baby girl who was born was taken to the hospital by the medical teams who came to the scene.

In the control, it was determined that the baby died.

When the baby was sent to the Muğla Forensic Medicine Institute to determine the exact cause of death, I.E.E.

Ç.İ. where İ.E.E. lived together. On the other hand, he was detained by the police on the charges of “sexual abuse of the child”. DHA

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