Turkey : 2 people died and 3 injured in a terrible accident in Osmaniye

According to the information obtained, the accident occurred near the village of Güney Ring road Dereobaşı.

The car with the license plate 06 KIY 05 under Yasin G. Administration collided with the light commercial vehicle under the direction of Mustafa Ok (28). After the collision, 5 people were injured in the vehicles that were scrapped. With the notice of those who saw the accident, ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

The injured were taken to various hospitals in Osmaniye by ambulances after the intervention at the scene.

Mustafa Ok, who is a light commercial vehicle driver from the injured people, and Orhan Korkmaz, who is a passenger in the same vehicle, lost his life despite all the interventions. It was learned that the driver of the car, Yasin G, was in good health and his life was in danger.

Treatment of other casualties continues. Police launched an investigation into the accident. IHA