Turkey : Rise in gold prices! How much is a quarter and a gram of gold?

Corona virus and gold prices, which peaked due to economic and political developments, became the subject of curiosity of the citizens. The gram selling price of 24 carat gold bullion in the free market was 319 pounds. What is the quarter gold prices final situation? Here, gold prices…


Quarter gold: 521.42 pounds

Half gold: 1.041,44 pounds

Gram gold: 329.80 Lira

Republic Ata Lira: 2.142,00 Turkish Lira

The sharp rise in gold prices has stopped! How much are grams and quarter gold prices?


“The worsening of the COVID-19 outbreak worsens the global economy,” said an analyst from Morgan Stanley. The dollar gained value against major currencies, with liquidity squeeze concerns accelerated the trend towards cash, with new declines in global stock markets and the worsening corona virus crisis. The dollar has reached its highest level since 1985 against the pound. The dollar has reached its highest level in about 3 years against the euro.