Turkey : 4 more people were detained related to the incident in Yalova Municipality

Working in the accounting department of Yalova Municipality, R.E., married and father of 2 children, allegedly embezzled and escaped from the municipality’s safe.

Authorities who examined the municipality’s bank accounts found that R.E. transferred money to a front company periodically.

Acting on this, Yalova Mayor Vefa Salman filed a criminal complaint with the police and the prosecutor’s office regarding the incident.

As a result of the work done, R.E., who was preparing to settle in a hotel in Denizli, was captured and detained. R.E. was brought to Yalova from Denizli.

THE MUNICIPAL VICE CHAIRMAN was taken into custody

The documents in the accounting department of the municipality were examined with the instructions of the prosecution.

As a result of the investigations, Yalova Deputy Mayor H.G., who was allegedly associated with the embezzlement of R.E., H.G.’s driver B.E. and H.G.’s secretary B.T. and the contractor, B.B., the owner of the front company that allegedly transferred money, was detained in Yalova Municipality by police teams.

The suspects taken into custody were taken to the police to be questioned.

It is reported that the investigation is continuing.

It was learned that R.E. bought a villa worth 1 million TL with the money he stole from the municipality. DHA

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