Turkey : 5 vehicles intermingled in TEM, kilometers of queues formed

The accident occurred at around 23.00 hours in the transition of TEM Highway of Körfez district of Kocaeli, Atalar Mahallesi. According to the information obtained, 5 cars in the direction of Istanbul collided.

Citizens who survived the chain traffic accident without injuries experienced great panic. Due to the accident, TEM Highway Istanbul direction was closed to traffic.

Those who saw the accident immediately reported the situation to 112 Emergency Teams. Firefighters, health and police teams were dispatched to the scene upon notice. Health teams coming to the scene soon determined that there were no citizens injured in the accident.


Later, the police teams, who arrived at the scene, pulled on the safety lane and started work to open the road to traffic. The vehicles involved in the accident were pushed by the teams and towed to the safety lane by towing trucks on the road.

The TEM Highway, which is closed to traffic for approximately 1 hour, has a vehicle queue in kilometers of Istanbul.

After the work done by the teams, the road was opened to traffic again. The vehicles involved in the accident were removed with the help of tow trucks called to the scene later. The policeman has started an investigation about accident. IHA