Turkey : The vehicle that hit the trees was divided into two: 2 dead

On Liberty Street, which is one of the largest streets in the capital of Russia, Moscow, while a driver was over speeding with his luxury vehicle, he lost control of his vehicle due to rain and hit a tree.

Under the influence of the impact, the vehicle was able to stop by hitting 2 more trees. The person sitting in front of the vehicle, divided into two, died. It turned out that the driver who died in the accident had been punished many times due to the use of alcoholic vehicles and excessive speed and did not pay the traffic fines of 37 thousand rubles in total.

It has been learned that an investigation will be launched against the traffic police who are responsible for the incident, because the driver still drives the vehicle despite the traffic crimes he committed before and caused the accident that cost his life. The Moscow prosecutor’s office announced that the investigation into the accident continues.

On the other hand, the images shot by the security cameras revealed the dimensions of the accident. IHA

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