Turkey : 8 important tips to prevent cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that one third of cancer-related deaths are related to 5 basic behaviors and dietary habits. 1. High body weight (High body mass index), obesity-obesity 2. Low fruit and vegetable consumption 3. Insufficient physical activity 4. Tobacco use 5. Excessive alcohol consumption … Therefore, prevention or reduction of exposure to known risk factors cancers It plays an important role in preventing the emergence and cancer-related deaths. Here are 8 effective ways to prevent disease …


1- Tobacco use: It is one of the most important preventable risk factors of cancer. It is responsible for 21 percent of cancer deaths in the world.

2- Healthy nutrition: Healthy nutrition is of great importance in cancer prevention… It is important to consume balancedly from all food groups including meat, milk, cereal, fruit-vegetable and fat. On the other hand, it is important to avoid organic foods with ready-made, additives, GMO, corn syrup and trans fats as much as possible. Excess salt and sugar should also be avoided.

3- Overweight and sedentary lifestyle: It is responsible for 20 percent of all cancers. Regular exercise provides protection against breast, colorectal and prostate cancers as well as decreases recurrence and increases survival in cancer patients.

4- Professional and environmental factors: Those who work in paint, textile, petroleum, rubber and chemical substances are at professional risk. It is vital to take the necessary precautions for the employees of these business lines to contact the carcinogens as little as possible. Air pollution is also an important problem and increases the tendency to cancer.

5- HBV and HPV infections: HBV (Hepatitis B virus) is associated with liver tumors, HPV (Human Papilomavirus) is associated with cervical cancer. It has been determined that 17 percent of new cancer cases are associated with infections.

Assoc. Dr. Erkan Arpacı


Alcohol consumption: Excessive alcohol consumption has been found to be associated with oropharynx, esophagus, larynx, rectum, liver, breast cancer.

7- The Sun: Repetitive and intense exposure to sunlight causes some skin cancers and poses a risk especially for outdoor workers (agricultural workers, road workers, etc.).

8- Early diagnosis: It is extremely important for individuals to apply to the physician without neglecting the abnormal developments in their bodies to ensure early diagnosis of cancer. In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO); recommends conducting community-based screening programs for breast, cervical and colon cancer, covering 70 percent of the target population. Turkey also carried out for the realization of these programs across the country, serving as free Cancer Early Diagnosis, Screening and Training Centers (KETEM) have been established and are still available in our country KETEM 198.