Turkey : February 4 World Cancer Day slogan: “I am determined and I will”! What is World Cancer Day?

What is World Cancer Day? World Cancer Day Every year, World Cancer Day Cancer Control Organization is working to attract attention and raise awareness on February 4.


UICC aims to prevent millions of preventable deaths by raising awareness and training on cancer on Cancer Day. It also invites governments and individuals to act for cancer.

World Cancer Day was organized for the first time in 2005 by the International Cancer Control Organization (UICC). In the same year, it was started by the Turkish Cancer Research and War Institution Association in our country and became one of the biggest campaigns on cancer in the world and in our country.


In order to draw attention to cancer disease, it was determined as ‘I am Committed and I Will Do It’ between the years of 2019-2021. This theme is a strong call for personal responsibilities and represents the strength of our actions to reduce the increased impact of cancer.

In the world cancer day, thousands of campaigns that took place in nearly 150 countries, millions of tweets, campaigns attended by many NGOs and governments, and the big campaigns in previous years in 2020 are aimed to increase success.