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The effects of misleading software on the diesel engine, which appeared in 2015, continue to leave Volkswagen in a difficult situation. 8 million of the Volkswagen brand vehicle, which was affected by 11 million misleading software in total, was engine with EA189 code. The brand has spent a lot of money revising them all over the world. In addition to this situation, when the penalties from certain countries, states, consumers and rule makers are added to this business, the penalties that Volkswagen has paid worldwide exceeded 15 billion dollars.

According to Reuters, the brand is on the way to a new agreement with the owners of vehicles that pollute the environment. German Consumer Association VZBV, which has been in talks with Volkswagen, stated that although it has trouble finding the middle way, Volkswagen does not want its customers to be harmed by the problem. “The failure of negotiation negotiations with the Consumer Association should not belong to the customer,” the brand said. He also said that all customers who signed up for compensation to the German brand VZBV would be eligible for the deal.

Another statement made by Volkswagen was the lack of agreement between the parties, due to the 50 million euro excess fee demand requested by lawyers representing consumer organizations.

Volkswagen wants to deal with German consumers!Volkswagen wants to deal with German consumers!

The agreement proposed by Volkswagen will create a cost of $ 901 million (830 million euros) to the brand. With this expense, the brand involves making engine revisions and paying compensation for diesel-powered vehicles that damage the environment as “heavy”. Consumer Association VZBV stated that Volkswagen does not guarantee an adequate correction system.