Turkey : Shocked detections were made in the report of the supervisory board… Red Crescent could not account for the victims

SÖZCÜ reached the report organized by the members of the Red Crescent’s Audit Board regarding the management of Kerem Kınık. It was noted in the report that the documents requested by the investigating team were not given. It was reported that the report, which was not processed by the management, was also included in the criminal complaint made by former managers. Here are some sections from the report dated April 4, 2019, prepared before the General Assembly held on April 7, 2019:

VICTIM: When we wanted to examine the file related to where and when the shares of victims of our victims in 2018 were cut at home and abroad, it was learned that the file was still not closed, the slaughtered meat of the slaughtered meat was still not roasting and distribution was not provided, and the management decision and documents related to the subject were not transmitted until this date. could not be done.


STAFF: Although we have a strong human resources structure, a contract with a private company caused a loss of peace in return for a payment of approximately 2,000,000 TL in high amounts.

BUILDING: Although we have a sufficient number of real estates, it is not approved by our board to rent new places by paying high amounts.

CHP Antalya Deputy Çetin Osman Budak brought the matter to the agenda of the Assembly and said, “The President should mobilize the State Supervisory Board to examine the Red Crescent as soon as possible.”


Major negligence was triggered by construction equipment

The CHP prepared a comprehensive report on the avalanche disaster in Van, where 42 people died. Striking determinations were made in the report of the delegation headed by Ankara Deputy Tekin Bingöl. According to the report of the Republic, the report included the following evaluations:

DISCLAIMERS CHAIN: In the first avalanche disaster, 7 of the 14 people in the minibus were saved, while the lifeless body of 5 people was reached, but negligence was experienced in the second day searches without waiting for the appropriate time to reach the remaining two. The inclusion of nearly 150 civilians in the region and participation in the search without sufficient avalanche bars caused negligence. It is seen as another negligence that there is a fire in the area where there is avalanche and that tens of people are together at the beginning of that fire.

MACHINES TRIGGERED: The noise caused by the high decibel operation of more than one construction machine at the same time was one of the factors that triggered the formation of the second avalanche.