Turkey : Afghans are terrified in the park! – The latest news

The incident occurred at the park on Ereğlikapı Mahallesi 1411 Sokak. While Doğukan Çelik and his friends Mustafa Şahin and İbrahim Bahceçi were sitting in the park, 2 people came from Afghanistan, who allegedly did not know.

Doğukan Çelik, who was attacked by two foreigners with a knife in the fight between them, was injured in the abdomen, back and hips, and Mustafa Şahin was injured in the back and hips.


The two young people, who remained in the blood, fled from the attackers and fell into the middle of the road about 50 meters away. Police and medical team were dispatched to the scene upon the notification of the people around. The injured were taken to Aksaray Training and Research Hospital by ambulances. It is stated that the life threats of the injured who are being treated continue.


İbrahim Bahceçi said in his first statement to the police, “We were sitting in the park. The person drank something and hit us. After that, he pulled the knife and attacked. ” The police started an operation to identify and capture the attackers. DHA

Moving hours in Istanbul! Armed intervention from the policeMoving hours in Istanbul! Armed intervention from the police