Turkey : Elazığ Sürsürü Neighborhood Headman Gül: All green areas are not sold. What is this betrayal?

Speaking to Sözcü after the earthquake in Elazığ, Ergun Gül, the village headman of Sürsürü, said that they lived in those days.

Stating that all the works were loaded to the headmen in the first 10 days of the earthquake, Gül used the following expressions;

* It is a fact that we were not prepared for earthquake. Whether personal or public administrators, we remained in the classroom. Unfortunately for the first 10 days, all the jobs were uploaded to the muhtars and we are looking for the directors of the muhtars because the duties of the muhtars are certain.

* The directors of the institutions were also inadequate because they were inexperienced in this regard. But after 10-15 days, the institutions became more active. May Allah be pleased with the benevolent people who send us help from outside

* I told them especially when they sent us help; ‘Man is hungry but not cold. ‘ It is very difficult for a person to withstand -10, -12 degrees of cold. Many people set up tents here, but because of the cold, many people could not live in tents.


* In food aid, we could not distribute aid properly whether in the first 10-15 days, whether social assistance or Red Crescent. We were weak in this regard.

* As a result, even though we have a system that has the capacity to learn everything when a person’s T.C number is entered, we could not use this system and reach these people.

* The people whose houses are destroyed are certain, those who leave their houses are certain, those who cannot get food are certain, but those who receive too much food are also certain. Of course, I do not expect any more intentions from anyone, but there are necessarily abuses. But we saw that we were not ready for such a disaster and we remained in the classroom.


Stating that the green areas are sold, Gül continued his words as follows;

* The main problem is that we have betrayed this homeland, including the following local governments and the top levels of the state. When we go to a Nailbey Quarter, a Culture Quarter, an Akpınar Quarter, we have no place to set up a tent, and all green areas are sold.

* This is not a betrayal, what is it? I leave this answer to the nation. Sürsürü Neighborhood, the old settlement, however, new settlements have been opened. Are there any areas here? When you went to Mustafapaşa Mahallesi today, they set up a tent on the street.

* Whoever you ask from 7 to 70 here says that Elazig is an earthquake zone. In places with an earthquake zone, they had to allocate a place where people could take refuge on behalf of a municipality, governor or any institution. But what we did instead we patched the asphalt and flaunted the buildings.

* But since no one can see the damages that this earthquake will bring, everyone threw the blame on each other. Who will account for those who died? I served in the municipality for years and at that time I pronounced these sentences.

* But how long a person’s sentence is enough, the room is unknown. There were no civil society organizations, and everyone fell into their own interests.


Noting that the 8-fold zoning given to Sürsürü Mahallesi is wrong, Gül used the following expressions;

* Nobody said that the zonings made in this country are wrong. They have given Sürsürü Neighborhood 8 times, since the 1980s, 120 meters of artesian artisans have been working here.

* This earthquake can happen tomorrow. It is not important to make 8 layers, it is people’s lives. But we do not care about this. We are deceived by cheap, simple, flashy structures.

* Nobody seriously does a project. Isn’t it a pity that we have been given 8 floors here, do we know how the infrastructure of this place is? Geology professors comment on earthquakes, but no one takes it seriously.

* There were streams in the past, sounding was hit here. ”


Expressing that he sees the urban transformations as a rantary transformation, Gül continued his words as follows;

* I see urban transformations as a rantary transformation, I always say this. Urban transformation decision was taken in Elazig. But has Culture, Nailbey, Akpınar, Mustafapaşa, Rüstempaşa entered the urban transformation? No. The magnificent places have always been transformed into rantal transformation.

* In 2013, Sürsürü Mahallesi also went into urban transformation and mortgages were placed on almost 17 thousand hectares of hectares, nobody can nail a nail. I’ve been fighting for this for two years.

* So, I think that there is no study on urban transformation since it does not enter the rent area. That’s why I call this work not urban transformation, but transformational transformation.


* I hope our managers make Elazığ more beautiful. I want to say this sincerely. Whether it is our Minister of Environment and Urbanization, our Minister of Interior struggled seriously here.

* I congratulate them heartily. As headmen, they are seriously interested in our problems and I thank them very much. But the local administrations of our city remained in class for the first 10 days.

* I would also like to point out that the postponement of natural gas bills for 3 months is on the agenda, but how will a citizen who cannot pay 700 liras pay 2 thousand 100 liras after 3 months?

* Until such a study is carried out, the government should take a 50 percent discount on natural gas, and this is the biggest reward for Elazig people.

Elazığ earthquake survivors continue to evacuate their houses!Elazığ earthquake survivors continue to evacuate their houses! Elazig people struggling with minus 15 degrees cold trying to heal the wounds of the earthquakeElazig people struggling with minus 15 degrees cold trying to heal the wounds of the earthquake