Turkey : Are retirement bonuses removed from retirees?

According to the new saving measures draft taken by the Social Security Institution upon the request of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, it was stated that the pension will be cut by 5 percent and the retirement bonus will be removed.

According to the draft text reached by Engin Yılmaz from FOX, It was announced that there will be compulsory transfer from employees and retirees to the treasury, salaries of everyone with salary will be cut and contribution will be made to the treasury.

According to the news in question, there will be a 5 percent cut in health, cancellation of festive bonuses, and girls will pay salary from the father and contributions from the salaries to the treasury.


On the other hand, in the study started with the instructions of Berat Albayrak, it is stated that the salary cut from employees and officers to the Treasury is also on the agenda.


FOX Main News host Fatih Portakal also reacted strongly to the situation. Portakal, “The state always expects savings from the public, when the state says” save the state “, the state does not save in life. I hope it is just a work of intent. If you want to take action, save money. ” said.

SSI did not explain

Demand submitted by SSI and requested to be approved will also cause pensions to decrease between at least 80 liras and 100 liras.

Particularly drug participation and retirees under 60 will pay more treatment contributions. SGK did not make any statement about this news.