Turkey : How much will retirement holiday bonuses be? Will the retirement bonus be given in 2020?

Retired bonuses are the saviors of the retirees who are in trouble. The bonuses received by approximately 12.3 million retired citizens every year during the Feast of the Sacrifice and the Feast of Ramadan started to be investigated as we entered the new year. You can find all the details in the news we prepared for those who search frequently about how much and how much bonuses will be given on internet search engines…


One of the issues that retired citizens expect with great curiosity is how much retirement bonuses will be and when these bonuses will be paid. With the approach of the new year, we prepared a news about the subject when the calls increased. Retirees who received 4 thousand TL bonuses in the last two years will be able to receive bonuses before the Ramadan and Kurban holidays in 2020, even though there is no clear date.

Behind the inflation hikes for retirees, holiday bonuses will also be raised. In the last expectation survey of the Central Bank, 2019 inflation forecast was determined as 11.62 percent. Accordingly, the bonus of retirees will be able to reach a total of 2 thousand 232 pounds, from a thousand pounds to 116 thousand pounds and 20 cents.

When will the retirement bonus be given in 2020? Are retirement holiday bonuses clear?


Those who can benefit from retirement feast bonuses;

– SSK, Bağ-Kur and retirement fund retirees
– Martyrs’ relatives and veterans
– Death pensioners
– Privates and soldiers who receive pension and military disability pension,
– Temporary village guards
– Those who receive pension
– Champion athletes,
– Korean, Cyprus and War of Independence veterans,
– The civilians who are tied monthly due to damage from terrorism and the rights holders of those who lost their lives will be able to benefit from the feast bonus.

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