Turkey : Başkentgaz, Kızılay, Ensar and avalanche tunnel – Sözcü Gazetesi

We learn some events from our readers. We investigate the documents you send, the information you provide, and what we believe is accurate and newsworthy is published in our newspaper.

You do not neglect to inform us about the issues in your field. Did the avalanche fall, the plane was divided into three, did Mehmet Torun’s company help the Ensar Foundation through the Red Crescent? A section of them:


Serving as a bank inspector, bank manager Bülent Özer, In the donation of Başkentgaz to the Ensar Foundation via Kızılay “The main corruption” draws attention as follows:

“Since Torunlar has transferred unconditionally 7 million 925 thousand dollars to Kızılay’s account, since then, this money constitutes a value that has passed into the ownership and use of Red Crescent. Let the donor have no right of disposition if there is no justifiable reason to donate (change the beneficiary of the donation) any more than 7 million 925 thousand dollars, even on a penny.

Two days after the donation, even though Torunlar REIC gave the order about 7.925.000 dollars transferred to the Ensar Foundation in line with the instructions given on January 29, 2017, it is no longer a donation made from the assets of Kızılay, which is not the amount donated by Torunlar REIC. This is the actual violation of the law and the actual corruption. This amount, which was actually donated by the Red Crescent and not by Torunlar REIC, should be taken back from the Ensar Foundation. ”


Retired Finance Inspector, Sworn Financial Advisor Kerim Turan in “There are important question marks in the donation of Başkentgaz to the Ensar Foundation over Kızılay” he states and says:

“I took two things out of the Red Crescent President saying,“ If Başkentgaz gave the money directly to the Ensar Foundation, the tax exemption would be the same ”: Ensar is one of the tax exempt foundations. In this regard, a company can deduct up to 5% of the profit it declares to such foundations from corporate income. (This rate is 100 percent for Kızılay). If the testimony of the Red Crescent President is correct, that is, he would not notice it by giving it to Ensar, the declared profit should be approximately 160 million dollars, ie 960 million TL. If not, it is the tale told. ”

Retired Property Inspector Erol Ozer also draws attention to an important issue. He previously served as federal president OzerHe added: “What kind of mess will come out to the federations to which they are appointed (nominated) by their president, when the show aid and the places where these aids are transferred in the second chapter are examined. ‘Take you 1 million, 100 thousand of this, send the rest to you. But send directly; “You will see what has been translated by saying” Spent has shown. ” Of course, this is not the case for all federations. I wish it could be controlled well.


Vice President of the University Women Association Meral Güler, the only female contractor of highways civil engineer Hülya Karadağlı Captainreported warning about avalanche. Hülya Hanım had something to say about the avalanche disaster that resulted in the death of 41 citizens in Bahçesaray District of Van. He said on the phone:

“I built 6 avalanche tunnels between Rize and İspir. So I am knowledgeable and experienced in this regard. Avalanche occurs not on every slope, but on slopes on a certain slope, which is called the ‘avalanche basin’. Avalanche basins are places that can be determined by land inspection and folk memory polls. It can be seen even with the naked eye. Because these basins are bare. The previous avalanches took everything away. You ask the public; there is always an elderly avalanche. ”


“While we were doing our job, we took the warnings of the people seriously and made the avalanche tunnels 10-20 meters back and forth at our initiative from time to time. Avalanche basins generally do not coincide with the settlements. Because of the experience, there is no settlement in those regions. But the roads pass through avalanche basins and for this reason, vehicles are often under avalanche.

For this reason, tunneling the part of the roads coming only to the avalanche basin protects the road and vehicles. For example, by building a 200 meter tunnel, you protect the road in that basin. Thus, the avalanche goes over the tunnel, or the vehicles stay in the tunnel and escape. ”

When Hülya Hanım finished 6 of the 9 tunnels, the state found it unnecessary to allocate more funds for the avalanche tunnel. Hülya Hanım, “Avalanche basins do not bring rent and income. The constructions are only for protecting people from disaster. This explains why there is no investment. However, avalanche is not an unprotected disaster. It turns into a disaster because of negligence ” says.

We wish mercy for the lives we lost in Van and wish their families patience.