Turkey : Last Minute .. USA: Al-Qaeda’s Arab Peninsula leader killed

In the statement made by the White House, “The USA has successfully eliminated Kasım al-Rimi, the founder and leader of the Arab Aid Al-Qaeda and the assistant of Al-Qaeda leader Eymen al-Zawahiri, in Yemen, at the direction of President Donald Trump. He organized an anti-terrorist operation on the ground. ”

Speaking to the New York Times (NYT) newspaper last week, an American official reported that El Rimi died in an unmanned aerial attack (UAV) attack in the village of Hazme in Marib, Yemen.

Saudi Al Arabiya channel, on the other hand, stated that it was based on local sources, and that a UAV-owned UAV targeted Al Qaeda elements in an attack on a house in the Vadi Ubeyde region east of Marib city.

According to sources, the house was rented by Al Qaeda militants 1 week before the incident. The same sources reported that the leader of the Arabian Peninsula al-Qaeda, El Rimi, died here.

Kasım al-Rimi took over the organization after the former leader of the organization, Nasır al-Vahayşi, was killed by the U.S. in a UAV attack on Mukadut province in the east of Yemen in June 16, 2015. The US administration increased the reward it placed on El Rimi on October 18, 2018, from $ 5 million to $ 10 million. Washington put El Rimi on the terrorist list in May 2010 and frozen bank assets in the USA.

El Rimi was also held responsible for the attack on 12 October 2000 against USS Cole, an American destroyer capable of carrying a guided missile capable of anchoring in Yemen’s port of Aden. (SPUTNIK)