Turkey : Beet grower quota nightmare

“Quota fines” are now threatening beet growers, which have entered the bottleneck with the privatization of sugar factories. Due to the drought and the poor quality of the seeds and fertilizers given by the factory last season, the yield of beet production decreased. Farmers also failed to meet the quota.

CHP Yozgat Deputy Ali Keven / Photo: DepoPhotos

CHP Yozgat MP Ali Keven emphasized that the problems occurred after the privatization. Turkey’s around 50 thousand pounds of sugar beet growers to reaching the quota penalties that explains Kevin interrupted, Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir questions to be answered by the Pakdemirli claims also gave a vote of the Parliament. “Quota fines must be deleted immediately, canceled, otherwise there will be no farmers to produce beets,” said Keven.

'5 thousand sugar beet growers' execution'‘5 thousand sugar beet growers’ execution’