Turkey : Exit in the hospice was banned, visits and activities stopped

Minister of Health in Turkey Fahrettin husband’s first corona virus cases have been detected on the description of the outstanding collected Hospice Standing Committee on 11 March, visits for 14 days and decided to interrupt the event.

Due to the fact that the highest risk group in this epidemic is individuals over the age of 60 with chronic disease, and the hospice residents are in this risk group, the visits and activities will not be allowed until 24 March, and the residents in Darülaceze will not be allowed to go out until a second decision.

Departure was banned in Darülaceze, visits and activities were stopped. Photo: DHA


Speaking on the subject, Hospice President Hamza Cebeci said:

* In line with the decisions taken by the government, we should have taken these measures in terms of our function and the service we provide, taking into account the profile of the residents staying here.

* We are obliged to take precautions, appreciation of our God. There are people over 60 years old and individuals with disabilities under 60 years old. It is stated that the effect of this virus is mostly on the elderly.

* We also had to take these precautions, because about 10,000 visitors come to Darülaceze per month. We did not find it very correct for visitors to come to the apartments with bedridden people at normal times.

* In terms of incoming visitors, it is risky for those who stay here. It’s not a very long time, after all, a two-week period. It is stated that this virus is in a person in our country. Hopefully he will stay at that point, he will be treated in a person and pass without visiting our country.

* We gathered as an extraordinary permanent delegation yesterday and unit supervisors gathered responsible friends of their own nature. We already had the necessary disinfectant products. We made them more available and our units took precautions

Hospice President Hamza Cebeci. Photo: DHA


Hospice Chief Physician Ufuk Yurtsever, on the other hand, said the following about the measures taken within the institution:

* Our guests staying at the institution are of advanced age and whose immune system is generally weak. For this reason, we suspended the visits of our guests coming from outside the institution until a second decision.

* At the same time, our guests staying at the institution go out daily. We banned going out until a second instruction, as it was difficult to control them as well, as they were likely to go indoors.

* On the other hand, we made changes in the menu and enriched foods with vegetables, fruits and antioxidants. In the in-house trainings we have already done, there were also hygiene trainings, and we tightened it at this time.

* We also need to send our residents out of the institution, sometimes to more hospitals. If this situation exceeds our physicians working in the institution, then we take the necessary precautions with our companions and ensure their transplantation with minimum contact. (DHA)