Turkey : Border area closed to journalists… Latest situation in Edirne

Turkey to go to Europe for migrants from various provinces set out, it takes on arrival at Edirne. After Greece closes the Pazarkule Border Gate, the highest density is seen around the border gate. At night, by firing in cold weather, trying to warm up, as well as immigrants cutting dry trees and stumps, are trying to create sheltered areas with tarpaulins.

Immigrants march to the border continues… (PHOTO: UAV)


Greek security forces opened fire after a group of immigrants waiting around the border crossing wanted to cross the border this morning. While the gunshots were heard, Greek security forces spraying pressurized water from TOMA intervened with gas bombs. While injuries were reported, ambulances were dispatched to the area. While the immigrants, including women and children, were affected by the thrown gas bombs, there were people who had difficulty breathing.

Immigrants headed to Meriç. (PHOTO: UAV)

Closed to Journalists

On the other hand, according to the news of DHA, no people other than immigrants are taken to the border section because the road leading to Pazarkule Border Gate is closed about 1 km away. Journalists are not allowed to enter the area of ​​immigrants.

Despite the Greeks taking precautions and intervening at the border, migrants continue to move to Greece. Migrants leaving Pazarkule and İpsala border gates cross the street using the Meriç River. A group of immigrants in the center of Edirne crossed the Meriç River with rubber boats and crossed to the other side. (DHA)

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