Turkey : Last minute: Two soldiers killed in Operation Spring Shield

The Ministry of National Defense shared the latest information on the Spring Shield Operation. The Ministry of National Defense Press Public Relations Consultancy Plan, Coordination Analysis Branch Director Colonel Olcay Denizer stated that two Mehmetçi were martyred and six Mehmetçi were injured as a result of the fire opened by the regime to the Turkish Armed Forces personnel in the Spring Shield Operation.

Stating that the targets were determined after the attack, Denizer stated that the targets were taken under fire and continued to be shot, “We extend our condolences and patience to our troubled families, our noble people with the Turkish Armed Forces and patience, and urgent healing to our wounded personnel. We never left the blood of our martyrs on the ground, we will not leave them after that. ”

Noting that since the start of the Spring Shield Operation, 3 thousand 138 regime elements have been neutralized, Denizer used the following statements:

* Since the start of the operation, 3 aircraft, 8 helicopters, 3 UAVs, 151 tanks, 47 cannons / howitzer, 52 CHP, 8 air defense missile systems, 12 anti-tank guns, 4 mortars, 24 armored vehicles, 27 armored combat vehicles, 34 armed pickups , 60 military vehicles and 10 ammunition depots were destroyed and 3,138 regime elements were also neutralized.

* Our operations will continue until the bloody hands extending to Mehmetçi and innocent civilians are broken.

Yesterday 1 soldier was martyred, 9 soldiers were injured

During the Spring Shield Operation in Idlib, 1 soldier was martyred and 9 soldiers were injured in the attack of the regime yesterday.

In the statement made by the Ministry’s Twitter account, “As a result of the fire opened by the Regime to our members in the Spring Shield region, 1 of our hero gunmates was martyred and 9 of our hero gunmates were injured. The target of 82 Regimes in the region was immediately taken under fire, and it continues to be shot ”.

MSB: 1 soldier martyred, 9 injuredMSB: 1 soldier martyred, 9 injured