Turkey : Can we diagnose new coronavirus infection? Are we ready for a possible epidemic?

The Turkish Medical Association mentioned important points regarding the diagnosis of the new coronavirus in its statement published on its website. While many around the country, yet cases in Turkey questioning the reason for lack of TMA, he asked the question of whether the test is reliable:


New coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is becoming more and more common in the world. The number of cases was 105 thousand 586 as of 8 March, and the number of countries where the disease was seen has reached 101. With the addition of Bulgaria from Turkey to neighboring countries, only cases have been reported yet from Syria. Although we have a wide border with Iran, where the most cases and deaths are experienced and we have been experiencing an intense immigrant movement recently, it is surprising as well as surprising that the phenomenon of COVID-19 has not been seen in our country yet. “Is the disease still not seen in our country when the disease is so close to us?” The questions reveal that the public is experiencing the same surprise.

Since the beginning of January, the test for the diagnosis of COVID-19 is carried out only within the Ministry of Health and has not yet been diagnosed with COVID-19. The test used by the Ministry of Health officials was declared as “native”. In many places in the world and our immediate surroundings every day when there are no new cases diagnosed cases diagnosed in Turkey, “Is there a problem relating to the test?” raises suspicion.

In addition, the World Health Organization recommends increasing diagnostic capacity and increasing the frequency of screening for countries where COVID-19 has not yet been detected.


Ministry of Health officials state that healthcare professionals will not have any problem in supplying personal protective equipment regarding the preparations carried out.

The answer to the following questions should be shared with the public in terms of both diagnostic tests and personal protective material supply:

Will the number of centers tested be increased?
Will the number of tests be sufficient for diagnosis in the event of an outbreak?
Has personal protective equipment been distributed to hospitals and ASMs?
Is influenza-like disease (ILI-Influenza Like Illness) and severe respiratory failure disease surveillance (SARI-Severe Acute Respiratory Infection) performed in provinces such as Van? If it is not currently done, is it planned?

As the Turkish Medical Association, we recently wrote a letter to the Ministry of Health, which conveys our wish for cooperation on new coronavirus infections. Unfortunately, we are still not able to respond to this letter. including the Turkish Medical Association primarily to manage the process from the Ministry of health professional organizations and by sharing we request you to inform the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

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