Turkey : Great disrespect for Atatatürk! Acryge, civimes and much more …

Atatürk’s Halaskar Gazi Address, which has been hanging for years in the parliament hall in the Istanbul Metropolitan City Hall in Saraçhane, came to the agenda in its session on March 9. IYI Party Assembly Member Tuğrul Arık, who noticed the misspellings of the address, which was not clearly known when the building was put into service in 1960, was suggested to establish a research commission. The research commission proposal proposed by Arık to be established to examine the issue was accepted unanimously.


Tuğrul Arık, who first told the history of the speech in his speech at the parliament, said:

* Mustafa Kemal leaves his home in Istanbul Şişli on May 16, 1919 to return to the War of Independence and returns after eight years of struggle. Although the Republic was established in 1923, it did not come to Istanbul until 1927. When he came to Istanbul in 1927, he made this speech addressing Istanbulites. Just as addressing youth and speech is important for Istanbul.

* The original text appears in the copy of the newspaper Hakimiyet-i Milliye, one day after the visit. I translated all of them since I could read Ottoman. In addition, I received support from the expert teachers of Istanbul Medeniyet University Information and Documentation in order not to make mistakes.


The words that Ataturk did not say have been added

“According to the original of the text, there are more than 30 mistakes in the inscription” Tuğrul Arık listed some of the mistakes he found in the address:

* The words Atatürk said were not read and misspelled. For example, Atatürk wants to express his excitement from the visit. Instead of the word ‘excitement’ it says ‘landslide’ here.

* He also has the expression “agaşına”. In other words, it is meant to say “I was greeted with a buddy embrace”, there is a word that is not “agisize” here.

* The phrase ‘Mesh’ is written here as ‘meshes’.


* There is a term called ‘Heyet-i Aliye’ in Ottoman Turkish. It is written here in two places in different ways.

* In addition, the words that Atatürk did not say were added to the text and the words he said were removed.

* It is written on July 10, 1927 on the date written below, but Atatürk’s visit is on July 1. It writes Friday, July 10, 1927. July 10 coincides with the market, not Friday.