Turkey : Cars flew over the bridge! There are dead

The accident occurred on the Bridge of Mountains in Samrık village of Emet district. 43 PL 879 license plate used by İbrahim Çankaya flew from the bridge to the stream as a result of the driver’s steering loss.


Meanwhile, Halil Çankaya, who could not get news from his father and wife, went to search with worry. Halil Çankaya found the car with his father and his wife turned upside down in the creek about 4 hours later.

Health and police teams were sent to the scene upon notice. While the car was being removed from the stream, it was determined that İbrahim Çankaya and his bride Döndü Çankaya died in the control made by the health officials.

The corpses of İbrahim Çankaya and Döndü Çankaya were sent to Emet Dr. for autopsy. Fazıl Doğan State Hospital was taken to the morgue. DHA

4 people escaping from the police were caught after an accident!4 people escaping from the police were caught after an accident!