Turkey : Yılmaz Özdil rebelled after the news of the martyr: This is now immoral!

Turkey’s Ugur Dundar prepare and deliver the most reliable person in tele1 ‘Democracy Arena this week’s guest, Turkey’s most widely read columnist Yilmaz Ozdil was brave pen.

Özdil made a tough exit after the Ministry of National Defense announced that one soldier was martyred and two soldiers were wounded in the artillery attack organized by the regime elements in Idlib.


Özdil said:

* Really amazing Ugur brother. I am very worried that something bad will come out of my mouth.

* They declared mourning for the 91-year-old Bedouin king who died of death in his bed.

* What is happening in Turkey, does not change even if the flow of television entertainment programs.

* This is now immoral. They are trying to break the society out of an emotion.

54 martyrs in IDLIB within 2 months

33 soldiers were martyred and 32 soldiers were wounded in the attack organized by the regime members in Idlib yesterday. As of January 1, the number of soldiers martyred in Idlib has increased to 54.