Turkey : Chained action in front of the Ministry of Finance! Accountants detained

Ankara Freelance Accountants and Financial Advisors’ Chamber executives opposed the extension of their declaration periods, such as withholding, VAT, and SSK, and not only extended their payments.

As a reason for this, the room managers said, “We had to be one-on-one with papers such as documents and invoices that came to the people we dealt with. In order to get rid of this threat in the environment of the corona virus epidemic, extend the deadlines for making declarations. Because we do not know what kind of environment the documents sent to us are sent from, whether they are healthy or unhealthy, ”asked the ministry for support. The action was carried out when the request was not met.


Explaining that the measures taken due to the epidemic did not include any support for their own situation and that financial advisers and accountants were victims, Ankara Chamber of Public Accountants and Financial Advisors (ASMMMO) President Ali Şahin and chamber members chained themselves to the entrance of the Ministry of Finance.

The following statements were included in the press statement read by the chamber administration chaining them to the ministry accompanied by the banner “We do not want to die at the risk of the life of accountants and financial advisors”;

* The measures taken to date and the measures to be taken after today will have negative impacts on the economy.

* Our accounting professional organization, which is the biggest stakeholder of the Revenue Administration and which has 120 thousand people across the country, has been making positive steps and has made justified demands that have directed the economy until now and thereafter, fulfilling the responsibilities of taxpayers towards the administration on their behalf.

* However, the demands of the financial advisers, one of the biggest stakeholders of the economic life, were not met within the precautionary decisions announced.

* In accounting offices, thousands of employees in the accounting departments of companies contact customers and their employees in order to prepare the statements they send in digital media, and try to make declarations and notices by contacting thousands of invoices and documents whose identity is unknown.

Therefore, 120 thousand of our professions are in the biggest risk group, and when the employees, their families and their close surroundings are taken into consideration, 1 million people are corona virus (covid-19) epidemic and threat is gold.


The following statements were used in the statement stating that the members of the profession at high risk were forgotten in the announced package of measures;

* Officials considering the extension of tax and SGK payments could not consider extending their statements and notifications. However, our occupational chambers days before the measure package is announced,

Through the TÜRMOB, the Revenue Administration notified our Presidency about the seriousness of the incident, and the necessary measures and justified demands of our professional organization were conveyed.

* In this sense, we want to close our offices, move away from the outside world and create healthy living conditions for ourselves and our family in order to be able to perform our profession in healthy conditions in the future as in yesterday.

* No declaration and notification can be more valuable than human health.


* Therefore, we want to postpone VAT1, VAT2, concise, MuhSGK, stamp tax, tourism participation share, BA BS, GEKAP, SSI declarations and notifications, postpone the loading periods of the certificates, postpone tax reviews, and postpone all the declaration and notification periods. .

* Again, within the scope of the support provided to the business world by including the acceptance of the force majeure, the delay of the execution of the tax and SGK premium debts of the professions, the tax and SGK premium debts overdue in this process, and the collection problem to be experienced in this process. we want it included.


While making the statement, the room chairman Ali Şahin, his deputy chairman Nurali Keleş and the members of the room named Faruk Adıgüzel and Uğur Taşkıran were detained.

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