Turkey : WHO: ’20 vaccines have been developed against Corona virus’

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that 20 vaccines have been developed against the Corona virus in the world. Melita Vujnovic, WHO’s Russia Officer, announced that 20 vaccines are developed worldwide against the corona virus. Vujnovic said that testing of a vaccine created by the Russian vector biotechnology center in Novosibirsk has also begun.

Explaining that the scientists hope that the vaccine will be ready for use by the fourth quarter of 2020, Vujnovic said that WHO is also pleased with the pace of its efforts to fight the Corona virus. The Russian official also said that a large number of clinical drug studies are ongoing and the first results are expected in the next few weeks.

On March 11, the World Health Organization described the corona virus as an epidemic. More than 10 thousand people died from the corona virus worldwide, and more than 245 thousand 900 people were seen in the case. IHA

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