Turkey : Commitment approval requirement for pensioners to pay promotion

Banks Association of Turkey (TBB), took the decision to retire the relationship promotion payment. Accordingly, the promotion payment undertaking period until 30 June 2020 without waiting for any confirmation from retirees
it was decided to deposit the promotional amounts to their accounts.

For the rationale of the decision, TBB stated that, “Due to the recent coronavirus epidemic, it is aimed to prevent our retirees in the risk group from entering the crowded environments such as public transportation and putting their health in danger.”

Most of them were going to retired bank

Reminding that the promotion payment is made to the retirees within the scope of the protocol signed between the Social Security Institution and the banks, TBB said: they seem to give approval. ”

On the other hand, it has been stated that retirees who want to move their salaries to different banks will always reserve their right to transfer their salaries, provided that they return their promotions.