Turkey : Who is Ender Saraç? The life of dietitian Ender Saraç…

Ender Saraç draws attention as a famous dietician who has a place in the press. Ender Saraç’s life is as follows …


Ender Saraç was born in 1959 in Izmir. After graduating from Bornova Anatolian High School, he graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine as a doctor. After graduation, he made his compulsory service in Kırık District and villages of Erzurum province, İspir district.
He made his military service as a Medical Doctor in Çorlu as a medical lieutenant. He returned to Izmir and completed his specialization in Family Medicine at Ege University Faculty of Medicine.

Ender SARAÇ, who has been working on Ayurveda since 1990, worked in the UNİFORM Health and Aesthetic Center with Nükhet Duru in the first years he came to Istanbul from Izmir.

Ayurveda, etc. in Switzerland, Holland, Germany and India between 1989-1995. He trained in Hindu medical science.

In 1994, Turkey’s first Natural Medicine and Aesthetic Center “HAY Health Center” was established. Moreover, Turkey’s first natural purification Nature Center is also one of the founders of the International Center washout. Dr. Ender Saraç also has an Acupuncture certificate approved by the Ministry of Health, after completing one and a half years of Turkish Acupuncture Association courses.

Saraç, who also has a workplace medicine certificate, has also participated in various special development and spiritual education programs such as astrology, meditation, reiki, NLP, yoga.

Ender Saraç made the “Healthy Days with Ender Saraç” program on Show TV in 2008 and 2009. He also organized regular programs on issues related to public health in various channels such as CNN-Türk, TRT-1 and TRT-int, ATV. He writes articles on health issues in Posta Newspaper. She continues her studies at the Private Hay Polyclinic. He speaks English and French.

Ender Saraç married Sevgi Saraç in 1988. They had a child named Özcan. He filed for divorce in 2004. However, the lawsuit was rejected when his wife was not ready to divorce. Saraç couple started to live separately. He was able to divorce in 2011.

Ender Saraç was married to Benan Kurtuluş on 7 October 2013. He has a son named Mikail (d. 2010) and a daughter, born in February 2014.

books :

2001 – Ayurveda Healthy Ways to Slimming
2002 – Ayurveda Secrets of Healthy and Long Life
2005 – The Healing Hand of Nature
2007 – Spiritual Development and Fate
2008 – Stay Healthy and Slim in Ramadan
2011 – Foods Like Medicines
2012 – Feed Your Soul Now