Turkey : Concrete mixer horror in Istanbul! They thought it was an earthquake

The accident occurred in the direction of Abdi İpekçi Caddesi Zeytinburnu around 16.00. According to eyewitnesses, 34 BHB 299 plate concrete mixers hit 34 BHN 114 plate cars.

The car hit the pole on the tramway with the impact of the crash. People around reported the situation to health teams. Police, health and firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

The driver, who was stuck in the car and whose name has not been learned, was saved by firefighters. The driver of the concrete mixer was taken to the police station for testimony.

Due to the accident, the flights between Kabataş and Güngören were made on the Kabataş-Bağcılar tram line. Once the cars were withdrawn from the tram line, the trips returned to normal.


The moment of the accident was reflected in a workplace security camera. In the images, it is seen that the concrete mixer hits the vehicle in front of it and continues on its way. The escape of citizens who saw the accident is also reflected in the images.


Eyewitness Serhat Batur said, “We were sitting inside, I looked, and I heard a voice. He was injured in the car opposite. A black car belt was fastened. We thought it was an earthquake. There was a sound, ”he said. DHA

Concrete mixer horror in IstanbulConcrete mixer horror in Istanbul Concrete mixer, which could not take the bend, was overturned in Ümraniye!Concrete mixer, which could not take the bend, was overturned in Ümraniye!