Turkey : Child star of an era is unrecognizable! Arrested for household rape

Shaun Weiss, who became one of the star stars of Hollywood with the series and movies he played in the 1990s, has a hard time. 41-year-old Weiss was arrested by the police on charges of rape in the house after being forced into a garage in California.

Police teams, who went to the scene after the notice, found Weiss sitting in a vehicle with a broken glass. It was stated that Weiss, who was sent to prison after his statement, was under the influence of drugs during the incident.

The final version of Weiss.

It was announced that the bail fee determined for Weiss was 52 thousand dollars. While Weiss’s photo was published by the police, his fans, who saw these frames on social media, had a hard time getting to know the famous actor.

Weiss, who gained a reputation with the character of Greg Goldberg in the 1992 movie Mighty Ducks, was detained in 2017 when he had drug problems and was sent to rehabilitation for a short time.