Turkey : Corona virus neglect in sending off soldiers

after emerging in China Wuhan on measures to be taken relevant authorities a short time in the world to spread and seen in Turkey corona virus outbreak First, neglect the street, and if the exit maintaining social distance to be greater than at least 1 meter and hygiene wanted to be important.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, on the other hand, made important warnings about not shaking hands and embracing until the epidemic disappears. However, all these measures proposed by the authorities on the corona virus were violated in the meeting of soldiers farewell in Bursa.

During the farewell of the young people who will go to the military at the Bursa intercity bus terminal, there was extreme intensity. People who sent their relatives to the national duty, created a crowd at the terminal despite the warnings about not going out and not being together. While the young people got on the bus, those who hug and hug were noticed. (DHA)