Turkey : Unassigned healthcare providers should be appointed immediately

Health violence law should be enacted. The appointment of unassigned healthcare providers should be ensured and the number of healthcare professionals should be increased by recalling retired people from competent health personnel.

University hospitals that have difficulty in procuring medical supplies should be supported.

Family insurance should be enacted in order to secure the poor by reducing the cost of citizens’ compliance.

Ozgur Ozel

Medical materials such as disinfectant, mask, cologne, fever meter should be reset during the VAT epidemic, and the upper limit should be determined for the retail price of these products.

Some of the wages paid for unpaid leave must be paid from the Unemployment Fund, and unemployment benefits must be extended.

Transportation by personal vehicles should be encouraged for a while and the SCT in fuel should be lowered.

During the epidemic, enforcement proceedings should be stopped and concordat and bankruptcy postponements should be ensured. Farmers’ debts should be postponed.