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We know that the construction work of the reactor no at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) has been completed and the construction of the second reactor has started, due to the statement made by the construction manager Denis Sezemin to the local media of Mersin.

In the statement he made at the beginning of this month, Sezemin also informed that 5 thousand people work in the construction area. Yes, 5000.

I have not found any precautionary explanation until the writing of this article. “Of a staff member” There is an announcement that he died as a result of a work accident. Who knows, what does your name matter?)

If their health if taken in Akkuyu NGS area-based measures it must be disclosed in Turkey. Because, a reader from the construction site states that the coronavirus is being worked on without any precautions, and that all employees, especially workers, are very nervous.

Considering the spreading rate of Covid-19, can you imagine how critical a mass of five thousand people is?


While the coronavirus, called Covid-19, has radically changed the daily life of everyone, while their way of doing business is changing rapidly, some sectors act as if such a situation did not exist.

This is the construction industry comes first in the fields.

Akkuyu NGS deserves priority discussion due to the scale of its scale. But of course, the construction sector is not limited to this. For example, photos of earthmoving trucks and construction equipment from Bodrum suggest that the virus did not stop there. In fact, there is no need to go to Bodrum. In many streets in Ankara, you can see that the old apartment buildings have been demolished under the name of urban transformation and new buildings have been built.


I also underlined in my last article:

You have to explain why the construction sites were open at a time when those who ruled the country, especially the President, the Minister of Health, and the Minister of the Interior, poured language to the people to stay home in the morning, and when citizens over 65 years old were sadly hurt and sent back to their homes from the streets. Because protecting public health is primarily the duty of the governing rulers.

Contests, congresses, championships are canceled, mosques are closed to mass worship but when it comes to the construction industry, they are pretended to be dead. Why?

Could stopping construction sites have anything to do with the loss of job losses and their impact on the banking sector?


It has been 14 days since the first time a person was diagnosed with Covid-19 in our country. Judging by the experts, the speed of spread seems alarming. The government, which is late by not taking precautionary measures, does not show a clear attitude towards the curfew. It is understood that the reason for this is that there are no sources of income to meet the economic consequences of a possible ban decision, that is, the narrowing of the budget opportunities.

However, the public needs to be informed more clearly about the consequences of the outbreak. Clear, reliable information is still not provided on the number of tests and the production of test kits that have a vital role in preventing the spread of the outbreak. Questions such as whether there are other companies that make production other than Bioeksen, which Health Minister Fahrettin Koca has mentioned before, and whether some companies have a monopoly, are waiting for answers. Some local media, recounting the achievements of companies exporting from China to Turkey, what is the meaning of diagnostic kits and receive from Colombia? And finally, is it not against the principle of equality that the citizens who have these tests in private laboratories and who act according to the result have the advantage?

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