Turkey : Students brought from abroad were placed in dormitories

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, because of the outbreak of a new type of corona virus from 7 of the flight ban placed countries 3 thousand 358 students brought to Turkey, Sakarya, announced that they will be quarantined in dormitories in Sivas and Samsun.

Transfer operations have started for 401 students to be quarantined in Samsun. Two planes taking off from Italy and carrying 401 students landed at Çarşamba Airport at night. Wide security measures were taken around the airport.


After the passport procedures at the airport, students were examined by medical teams. Students with high fever were put in the ambulances waiting on the apron and sent to Samsun Training and Research Hospital.

Other students who did not have any health problems were put in buses prepared for them under intensive health measures and transferred to KYK Münevver Ayaşlı Girls Dormitory located in Ondokuz Mayıs University Campus.



Disinfection studies have been carried out in KYK Münevver Ayaşlı Girls Dormitory where students will stay for 14 days. Extensive security measures were taken around the dorm building.

On the other hand, disinfection studies were carried out in Turgut Özal Girls Dormitory and Black Sea Dormitory and two dormitories were prepared for students to be quarantined. (DHA)

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