Turkey : Did he fall into the first cemre? Which day will the Cemreers fall? Here are the 2020 cemre dates!

The first congregation takes place today. With the cemre event, which is the harbinger of spring and is believed to have fallen into the air for the first time, the celebrations of Hıdrellez and Nevruz begin. Today, the first cemre fell into the air and heralded that the cold weather would slowly move away. Here are the dates of 2020 cemre.


Cemre falls into the air on February 19-20, the water on February 26-27, and on the ground on March 5-6, the third. Jammers fall one week apart, causing spring to come. The 1st cemre falls into the air (19-20 February), the 2nd cemre into the water (26-27 February), the 3rd cemre (March 5-6).


The dictionary meaning of “cemre”, which is an Arabic origin word, is kor, that is fire. The piles formed with stones from Arafat in the Mina Valley are also called “cemre”. It is known as the increase of temperature among the people. It is believed that the order falls to the air, water and soil in 7 days intervals just before the spring begins. Thanks to these falling congregations, air, water and soil become hot. With the fall of cemre among the people, Hıdırellez and Nevruz celebrations begin. The fall of Cemre also has an important place in Turkish culture. It has found itself in the field of culture and literature. In Ottoman times, Divan poets wrote praise poems to important people in cemre times. These poems are called ‘cemreviye’.