Turkey : Diyanet: It is permissible to bury the epidemic risk body with a corpse bag or coffin!

The Higher Board of Religious Affairs answered questions from citizens about how to perform the funeral prayer and how to perform burials in cases where there is a risk of epidemic disease.

In the reply given by the High Council of Religious Affairs, it was stated that there is not a certain time for performing the funeral prayer, and it is essential to perform and perform a burial prayer without waiting.

The answer contained the following statements:

* In cases where there is a risk of epidemic disease, it should be preferred to perform the funeral prayer with as few people as possible and without waiting.

* In addition, necessary measures must be taken to prevent disease transmission, and in this context, sufficient distance must be left between those who attend the funeral prayers.

* In this case, if there is more than one funeral, it is sufficient to perform a single prayer for all.

* The prayer of the funeral, which was buried immediately by the authorities due to the risk of transmitting the disease, can be performed later with a few people against his grave.


It was noted that after taking the necessary protective measures in line with the recommendations of the experts against the risk of transmission of the disease, the funeral should be washed, shrouded and buried properly, and the following were recorded:

* In spite of all these precautions to be taken, if the funeral is washed and shrouded properly, there is a danger that this disease may spread to others; Washing process is carried out by placing water on the funeral from a distance or by sprinkling it.

* In cases where this practice is also risky, it is taken to the funeral in protective clothes by following the instructions of the authorities.

* In cases where my aunt at the funeral is also risky in terms of the transmission of the disease, my aunt is also abandoned due to necessity and thus, her prayer is provided by performing her prayer.

* In cases where burials are risky to be buried with the shroud opened with the traditional method, it is also permissible to be buried with a corpse bag or coffin.

* In all these practices arising from necessity, we should act with the awareness that we have done our last religious duty against our Muslim brother. DHA