Turkey : Expatriate couple fined 6 thousand 300 pounds

N.Ö. who came to Beyşehir Konya a while ago from Germany. and Beyoğlu District Police Department acted upon the notice that R.Ö. did not comply with the quarantine rules.

Despite the information given to them in the airport after arriving from Germany to Turkey expatriate circulating in the marketplace N.Ö. and R.Ö. Police teams launched an operation.

While the expatriate couple, who was learned from Hüyük district of Beyşehir, was being kept under surveillance in their homes again, a total fine of 6 thousand 300 lira per capita was made by the Beyşehir District Governorate from the opposition to the Double Sanitation Law.


Expatriates double to cut again if the same penalty and the Republic of Turkey Law warned that a criminal complaint was made to the Article 195. Every citizen from abroad is trained, and those who accept the quarantine at home sign the undertaking.

This commitment states that he will never leave the house, accept guests, and comply with hygiene rules. Law enforcement officers constantly check whether the citizens who sign a commitment, which is checked daily by family physicians, and whose disease is followed up every day, are in their homes and whether they accept guests.


The officers who could not find 3 persons returning from abroad in Sivas at the address they specified applied a fine of 9 thousand 450 TL to those who did not comply with the 14-day rule.