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Early Booking 2020

early booking hotels Early reservation period has started in ETS. In the summer of 2020, it is the right time to reserve your place for a great holiday with much more affordable prices. Choose the one that suits you among the early booking hotels and act now for an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones. Plan your holiday with the convenience of up to 12 months installment and unconditional cancellation right on your credit card before the early booking opportunities are over.

Early Booking Period

The campaign of ETS, which offers up to 50% early booking discount for tens of different hotels every year, is known as the best method applied for affordable holidays all over the world. The Early Booking period starts every year in November – December and continues until the beginning of the summer season. The discount rate gradually decreases in the periods following the first period, which started with the highest discount rate in the early reservation process divided into five periods. Moreover, with the Unconditional Cancellation Right applied during this period, holidaymakers are guaranteed to cancel their holiday up to 72 hours before their stay. Early Booking Hotels in Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, consists of the most beautiful hotels in Turkey’s most popular summer attractions like Fountain.

Get it Early, Pay Less!

In order to take advantage of the most effective opportunities, the early reservation process is carried out in different periods. While our guests are offered the highest discount rate in the first semester, this rate decreases in the following stages as they approach the summer season. Thus, the guests who plan their holiday early benefit the most from the discount.

What is an early booking?

Early reservation is a system that offers you the opportunity to purchase the holiday you plan between April and October, with attractive payment options and high discount rates. With the early reservation campaigns organized by periods, the highest discount rate is offered to the guests in the first period, and in the following stages, this rate decreases as they approach the summer season.

When does early reservation begin?

The early reservation period usually starts in November-December every year. Until the beginning of the summer season, the discount rates continue by updating every month.

What are the advantages of making an early reservation?

  • Early Booking campaigns are one of the best methods for affordable holidays all over the world.
  • The holiday you decide months in advance provides you with a planned budget as well as planned time.
  • When you decide on your holiday with Early Booking facilities, you can plan with a discount in advance for May, June, July, August, September and October.
  • In this way, you get the price advantage and eliminate the problem of not finding a place in the hotel you want at the last minute.
  • Early Booking Cancellation Insurance, which is offered together with the early booking campaign, has the right to cancel your holiday up to 72 hours unconditionally. Thus, you can plan your next holiday months peacefully.

When should I book early?

Early booking campaigns begin in November-December every year, and this is the first period when guests receive the highest discount rate on early booking. As the summer season approaches, the discount rate is generally applied by decreasing. The first period of early booking campaigns offers guests the opportunity to book a holiday with attractive opportunities at any hotel they wish, both in terms of offering high discount rates and the availability of quotas in hotels. In addition, since the initial prices may increase even if the discount rate does not change as the sales take place in the hotels during the period, you can generally choose the first period when the campaigns begin to make early reservations.

What is Early Booking Unconditional Cancellation Insurance?

You want to take your place in discounted hotels at advantageous prices, but if you do not know what to do if you need to cancel your holiday, the solution with unconditional cancellation right is again at ETS!

With the early reservation insurance, which is an advantageous application offered by ETS, as in previous years, guests are offered the right to cancel their reservations under any circumstances without penalty. With this application, you have the opportunity to cancel your reservations up to 72 hours before the start of accommodation for your holidays that will take place during the holiday season. In this way, you can take advantage of early booking holiday opportunities without risking the price you pay for the holiday in case you cannot anticipate months later.