Turkey : Emotional sharing for the cat rescued from earthquake wreck after 12 days!

It was stated that a cat who was under the rubble in the 6.8 earthquake on January 24 in Sivrice district of Elazığ was rescued by AFAD volunteers after 12 days.

It was noted that the rescued cat was first taken to Il AFAD and then to Elazig Municipality.

While the treatment time of the cat, which was delivered to the staff from the Municipality Animal Hospital, was continued, an emotional sharing was made by AFAD accompanied by a video.


Stating that a cat was brought by AFAD volunteers in the wreckage area 12 days after the earthquake, AFAD personnel Doğuş Ok said:

* Our volunteers, who found the cat, said that they did not eat or drink anything, that they were very sick, and that there was a discharge in their eyes.

* We saw the situation of the cat and immediately notified our municipality.

* Thanks to our vet friends from our municipality took the cat and brought it to the shelter.

* In our opinion, animals living on the street are entrusted to us and we protect our relics.

* In natural disasters, not only people but also these relics are damaged.

* As AFAD, we are the guarantee of both our people and our street relics.


Municipality Animal Hospital Veterinarian Kübra Yazgan stated that they found that the cat had an empty, thirsty and upper respiratory tract infection when he arrived at the hospital.

* We immediately started treatment.

* She will stay here with us until her treatment ends.

* As important as human life in natural disasters, this process is also very important for our silent friends.

* We will try to fulfill our best and ensure that they regain their health. IHA

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