Turkey : Earthquake description from Süleyman Soylu – Current news

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu visited earthquake victims who were being treated at Başkale State Hospital. After the visit, Minister Soylu, who made a statement about the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Hoy city of Iran at 19.00, used the following statements:

* There is no loss of life and property in our determinations and tetkits. In line with the information we have received so far, 250 houses and 300 barns have been destroyed, and 700 houses have serious damage.

* As an earthquake that affects a certain region on this scale, I can say that I can say that it also causes serious damage at the points we see. But despite this, our injured visited.

* A total of 39 injured. 12 of our citizens were discharged. Two of our 39 injured are in intensive care. Both of them had surgery. Others are moderately good. Hopefully they hope that each of them will be discharged in a healthy way after their treatment here, we pray.

* Especially so far, both our AFAD and the Red Crescent have their arms rolled up in terms of aid and food shelter. On the one hand, our damage determinations continue. Currently, over 2 thousand hot meals are distributed 3 meals a day.

  Second earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 in Iran! Second earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 in Iran!

Noting that the tent installations for the citizens continue, Minister Soylu said that they show a special care for the animals with lambing period. Minister Soylu continued his words as follows:

* We came from Başkale and villages to Van center to visit our patients. Our deputy minister is at the head of the crisis center there. Until the morning, especially the installation of the tents, the sobadan, the blanket, the bed, the installation of them there, the distribution of the dishes there, and the teams of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will start demolition from tomorrow.

* Meanwhile, social rehabilitation is carried out especially by our institutions by our Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services and other institutions. I wish to pass back and express my condolences. (IHA)

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